“To learn all about those things you just can’t buy”

Comcast now has the first season of “Silver Spoons” available On Demand for free. In general I hate Comcast. I think they are an epitome of an evil corporate giant. They charge way too much for cable, and they fill my mailbox with glossy fliers every week trying to convince me to use their internet and home phone service. Their customer service is bad. But I have to give them credit that some parts of On Demand are awesome.

Silver Spoons

Rules of Unemployment – a little back story on how I stumbled on this discovery. I have established many rules for myself while unemployed. First and foremost is that I won’t watch any TV during the day – generally meaning 9 to 5. I even go so far as to cover my TV with a blanket so I won’t be tempted in a fleeting moment of boredom.

However, since I’m my own boss there are certain loopholes to all of my rules. If I’m home and eating a meal by myself, I will sometimes turn on the TV. Especially if I’ve taken the time to cook myself something tasty. So that’s what happened today – I made myself a bacon, egg & cheese bagel sandwich and I figured I should sit down and enjoy it. I’m caught up on all of my Tivo backlog, so I decided to peruse On Demand and I saw “Silver Spoons” under their “top picks” category. At first I thought it probably wasn’t THE silver spoons, but I was excited to find out it was. So here it’s only 10:30 AM, and I’ve already spent 30 minutes of my day breaking rule #1. In some ways I’m an awesome boss, and in some ways I kind of let myself down by being such a push-over.
Time Machine – It is really weird to go back and watch this show from my childhood now that I’m closer to Ricky’s dad’s age than Ricky’s age. It’s also weird to see just how different the world is and Sitcoms are compared to 1982 (that’s 25 years ago, which is terrifying to me). A few observations:

  • The characters are all caricatures – there is no subtlety of any kind in the show. I remembered the show being great when I was a kid, but now when you watch it the dialogue is on par with Saved by the Bell. It’s funny and terrible at the same time.
  • The production is so simple – there is no background music at any part. It really feels more like watching a play than a TV show because of this. Many many clips on YouTube have better production values than this show.
  • Kate Summers is pretty – she is Edward Stratton III’s personal secretary. The fact that she’s pretty isn’t necessarily a surprise, but she is not hot. She is not sexy at all by today’s standards. She is wearing a below-the-knee skirt and a long-sleeve blouse that doesn’t really give you an idea of what kind of figure she has. Her hair is 80’s big, and her pretty face is really what defines the character. There’s still clearly sexual tension between Mr. Stratton and Kate, but it’s not in your face and it doesn’t need to be. If this show were produced today, I just imagine she’d come off a little sluttier, and it’s kind of a nice change of pace that she’s not the slightest bit slutty. I mean I’d still like to see her naked, but it’s different.
  • Ricky’s roommate in military school is played by Jason Bateman, and he is a huge asshole. It was just one of those “oh wow, look who that is” moments.

I’m sure the rest of my day will be extremely focused to make up for that early infraction, but I thought my discovery was worth sharing. If you have Comcast, you should take 30 minutes and enjoy this blast from the past. I’m pretty sure I won’t watch another episode today, but I’m also pretty sure I’ll watch the whole season before too long.

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