The Road Is My Home

I’m writing this during the twilight hours of my time as a San Francisco resident. I’m sitting in my nearly-empty apartment. My movers came yesterday and took almost everything. All that’s left are the things that the Salvation Army is picking up today, and the stuff I’m taking in the car with me.

The Car? … That’s right, if you didn’t already know I’m driving back to Atlanta. I’m looking forward to the roadtrip, but in these hours before that adventure begins I’m a little sad and nostalgic about San Francisco. My past month here has been fantastic (the month after I told everyone I was leaving). I’ve had such a good time enjoying the city and all the people I know here. Lately I’ve really felt like everything was going really well for me (except for not having a job, of course), so it’s definitely a difficult situation to walk away from. Still, I have to have faith in my decision to move home to Atlanta, and as many of my San Francisco friends have mentioned “hey, if you don’t like it there, just come back!”

The Route I actually don’t yet know much about what route I’m taking to get back to Atlanta. I know I’m going down to LA to see a couple friends this weekend, then maybe the Grand Canyon, then maybe to San Antonio to see my sister’s family. If any of you loyal readers have any suggestions about what is worth seeing between here and there, please chime in with some comments (or if you’re comment shy, please email me). If you have a good idea, please don’t keep it to yourself – I’m planning on posting updates from the road, so if I take your suggestion, you’ll get to read all about it on here.

I’m still working on my 10 things I’m looking forward to in Atlanta, but as I discovered in my last “10 things” list, ten is a lot of things to come up with.

Now I’m off to call all of my utilities providers to cancel my service. Farewell San Francisco….

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