Vegas part III

After the Grand Canyon tour, I had to hurry back to my hotel room and head right back out to get to the Cirque du Soliel show. I had three to choose from: KA, Zumanity, and Love. As I understand it, KA is pretty much your standard Cirque show, Zumanity is their “sensual” take on cirque du soliel, and Love is the Beatles-themed show. I would have liked to have seen O, but it wasn’t playing on Tuesday. I chose Love – the Beatles tribute show.

The show was at the Mirage, and shortly after walking in I realized they do a really good job of getting you excited about the show. The whole section of the hotel that’s near the theater is Beatles-themed. Everyone who was a ticket-taker or an usher was dressed thematically. The women were dressed as meter maids, and the men looked like the Beefeater guards. While I was getting excited on the walk in, I actually started to worry I might not be a big enough Beatles fan. I worried that I might not get all of the references in the show. And I took a class in college on (Beethoven and) The Beatles. I think in the end this wasn’t too much of a concern, but I did think the show wound up being a mixed bag:

The good – at its high points it was the best of Cirque du Soliel and the best of the Beatles. Absolutely amazing gymnastic-type feats set to great energetic music. Many portions of the show were just undeniably fun. I think my two favorite parts were when they had rollerbladers criss-crossing across two half-pipes, and when the put 4 trampolines in the floor and just jumped all around the stage. Also, there are several very attractive and very talented ladies in the show. I seem to remember this being the case in other Cirque shows I’ve seen before 🙂

The bad – my least favorite parts of the show just felt like modern dance set to Beatles songs. I’m not that into dance, and these parts of the show lacked the grandiosity that made the others so fun. Also, as far as I could tell there was no live music – just the remixes of Beatles songs. They were cool, but nothing beats live in my book.

Still, overall I’d say it was a great experience and I would recommend it to who is a fan of either the Beatles or Cirque du Soliel. My sister, however, would hate it. Here’s one picture of the stage from before things started (I couldn’t take pictures during the show):

Cirque stage

If you watched the Oscars last night, there was a performance from LOVE on there.


Dinner at Nobu – There’s a Nobu Japanese restaurant in the Hard Rock, and I think I went there about 7 years ago and remembered liking it a lot. My busy night continued as I left the show at the mirage and headed back for dinner. It was again really good and (not surprisingly) really expensive. I remembered their yellowtail & jalapeno appetizer, and it was just as good as I remembered. I also tried a new kind of sushi I’d never had before (at the chef’s recommendation) called Opaka paka, which he said is a Hawiian pink snapper. It was fantastic!

More Gambling – The only games I played were blackjack and 3 card poker. I only won money at blackjack. Here was my high point, cashing out with $600. Unfortunately I didn’t retire at that point. Let’s not talk about my overall net for the trip.

I left the next morning after a little more gambling. I had a great time overall, and I think the rule of thumb in Vegas is to blow it out for up to 48 hours, then get out. If you stay longer than that, it starts to wear on you.

Best Marketing Ever? I’m not sure I’d ever go to this club, but I commend their creativity in this variation on “lady’s night” (read the pink text)


and a couple more cool details from the Hard Rock:

HRH Ashtray

All of the elevators have (loosely) elevator-related lyrics quoted in them:

Elevator 2

Love in an Elevator

That’s it for Vegas. I headed out mid-morning for a prolonged in-person visit to the Grand Canyon. More on that in the next post.

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