What’s in a name?

Actually the question is “What is a name?”

I was in the grocery store and saw this thing near the sweet potatoes.  I was feeling adventurous, so I thought I’d buy one and try to look up online how to prepare one.  The sticker says it’s called a “Name” and it’s from Costa Rica (in my head, that means it’s pronounced “na-may”).  What a terrible name “name” is for something.  I have found it impossible to Google anything about this sucker.


It felt a little mushy, so I decided to go ahead and cut into it to maybe learn a little more about it.  While I’ve never seen the inside of a name before, I have a feeling this one had gone bad.


I tried to smell it, but I’ve got a bit of a cold so that didn’t provide any more information.  I’d like to think that it needs cooking before eating.  I wasn’t brave enough to try a bite as-is.

Does anyone know anything about names?  I’m still curious, but I threw this one out.  Maybe next time, name.

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