My Favorite Prank Call

(I meant to post this a long time ago. Enjoy it as filler before my next post while I digest New Orleans and dive into Memphis)…

Hopefully everybody at one point or another spent some time enjoying prank calls, whether it was making them, listening to your friends make them, or listening to professionals like the Jerky Boys. In any case, I feel like sometimes the prank call is a forgotten art. When I was on vacation in December with my friends in Costa Rica, we rediscovered what is probably one of the best prank calls ever. It’s by a guy named Jim Florentine who is sometimes on Crank Yankers. It is off of his CD “Terrorizing Telemarketers,” the premise of which is pretty simple. Telemarketers are really annoying, so why not mess with them.

Here’s a picture of my friends as we are listening to this call for about the 9th time (it gets better every time):

smaller no no

and here’s a link to the file (directly from Jim Florentine’s site). Right-click to download.

Finally, here’s a plug for the genius behind the call. Enjoy.

Edit March 27, 2008apparently the link above is no longer valid.  Hopefully Jim won’t mind if I share this one file with you.  Here it is – “no no”

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